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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

--A message from Connie Hedegaard, Danish Minister of Climate and Energy and President of the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit

As host of COP15 I would like to thank all the visitors to this website – and encourage them to continue their engagement in the fight against global warming. Small changes by everyone can together make a huge change, and I urge them to speak out loud and clearly so that the urgency of this matter can be known by all decision-makers throughout the world.

Fortunately, public awareness of climate change has increased in recent years. However, we need to continue spreading the message to reach citizens, governments and businesses. Climate change is a global problem and needs a global response. Involvement by the public - you and me and everybody - is crucial if we are to meet the reductions in greenhouse gasses we are facing. The message is clear: (1) it is urgent, and (2) everyone can make a difference. This is another important reason to keep negotiations transparent.

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