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In what ways can you start to reducing green house gas emissions; contribute to greater resilience in Ottawa's food supply; and protect yourself against the potential threat of radically higher energy prices?

This page lists a number of practical ways you can make a commitment to creating The Ottawa We Want. They are ranked according to effort and cost and impact.

In another of the wiki's sections, Who can help?, you can find links to people and organizations in the community to help you realize your commitment.

Steps You Can Undertake To Do to Create The Ottawa You Want[]

Step 1: Talk about the issues. Invite people over and have a discussion. The wiki is developing a lot of content resources and we're trying to put together a team of people to can facilitate your discussion and provide additional content. Think about the Ottawa you want and what can change. Do you really need to use so much energy? Can you begin using renewable energy for what you need? If energy and food prices begin to spike, can you get by? Can you make lifestyle changes that save energy, give you access to sources of local food, and reduce your carbon footprint? Develop a list of questions that you need answered. You can either submit them here on the wiki, ask a local expert, or wait until the Roundtable series to seek answers.

Step 2: Ask people who can help. Contact some of the people and organizations referenced in this wiki to see if they can provide you with advice on how to make the change that suit you.