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Nickerson (born 1951) is a longtime environmental activist. He was a co-director of the Institute for the Study of Cultural Evolution in the 1970s, and helped produce its Guideposts for a Sustainable Future in 1974. In 1977, the background studies which led to the Guideposts were published as Change the World I Want to Stay On.

He was a founding member of the Green Party of Canada in 1983, and campaigned under its banner in the 1984 federal election. His mother, Betty Nickerson, was the first ever GPC candidate in a 1983 by-election (Ottawa Citizen, 2 January 2006).

He completed production of the Guideposts for a Sustainable Future video in 1990, and published his second book, Planning for Seven Generations , in 1993 and has just published his third book entitled Life, Money and Illusion this fall. He has composed several articles on environmentalism and economics. In 2001, Nickerson collaborated with Liberal Member of Parliament Joe Jordan to create the Canada Well-being Measurement Act (Kingston Whig-Standard, 21 February 2001).

In 2002, he wrote an article criticizing the provincial government of Ernie Eves for imposing a freeze on hydro rates. Nickerson supported the energy policies of the previous government of Mike Harris, which he argued encouraged conservation by forcing consumers to pay higher rates.

Nickerson is a woodworker in private life.

See the blogs by Mike Nickerson on this site Three Potent Steps to a Sane Economy and A Silver Lining to the Economic Downturn.


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